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Obtaining objective information is critical if you are considering travelling abroad for fertility treatment. Remember, an informed decision is the best decision! You should consider several issues in advance to ensure your successful experience with Reproductive Tourism. Thoughtful preparation is essential in every step of this process. Using our web-site is already your first step forward. We will assist you to pursue the infertility treatment you desire in any part of the world.  In addition to choosing our service, these are some additional steps you should anticipate and make arrangements for ahead-of-time:  
  •  Determine if Reproductive Tourism is right for you
  •  Do your research
  •  Choose your destination
  •  Take out travelling insurance
  •  Check medical qualifications of providers
  •  Plan your budget
  •  Choose an agency for flights and accommodation
  •  Prepare before travel
  •  Plan your recovery period
  •  Know what to do if something goes wrong

Plan your travel carefully before confirming treatment dates with a provider. Once you are certain of your medical travel plans, make sure to consider the following:          
  • Passport
You need to begin the process of getting a passport in advance of your trip, if you do not already have one. If you already have a passport, check if it is valid and will not expire through the course of your travel. Some countries may require at least six month's expiry time on it. Make at least two photocopies of your passport and leave one of it at home or with a friend. Bring one copy with you.
  • Visa,  Vaccination and Travel Insurance
Be sure to determine ahead of time if you need a visa. Some countries allow securing a visa upon arrival at the airport. If this is not the case for the country of your destination, you need to arrange for a visa ahead of time with a representative Embassy or Consular Office. Learn about visa policies for visa extensions and multiple entries/exit from a country.
Make sure to find out if you need any vaccinations for travel to your country of destination. Registering with your nation's embassy or consular office upon arrival would be a wise decision. Find out where your local embassy is located. You may need to contact them if anything goes wrong, as they are your connection to your home country. Educate yourself about the standards of legal protection for patients in your country of destination. You may consider consulting with a country embassy or consular office before your trip. Make sure you have valid travel insurance with you. .  
  • Make copies of all important documents
It is very important to take care of your documents and have a copy of your passport, visas, tickets, driver's license, credit card information,  prescriptions and medical documents.  It is recommended to leave one copy of all documents at a secure place (at home/with a friend). Inform your family members/ close friends about your travel and give your itinerary, so that they know your whereabouts at any time. It is essential to arrange all your paper records. Decide how to transfer or carry your medical records/test results to your overseas medical provider, as well as bringing records of your procedure home with you (paper versions or digital).  
  • Learn about local laws and customs
Each country is unique for its own traditions, customs, laws and regulations. Do your research in advance. It is important to remember that you should respect your host country and their standards. You may not plan to have any interaction with the locals but you should be prepared for unexpected communication. Doctors usually speak good English or interpretation services are often provided, but you may need to communicate with the nurse, taxis and food service people who speak only the local language.  Being able to communicate the basics could be very helpful to you. Do not use jewelry or eye-catching clothing to avoid any unnecessary attention. Find out what clothing will be appropriate. Learn about and make a list of the tourist attractions you might want to visit.
  •  Climate
All countries differ by their geographic location and climate. Find out about the weather condition in advance, so that you can pack accordingly and be prepared for any kind of temperature. Taking a guidebook with you will make your life easier during travel.
  • Local Currency
You may need some amount of local currency on your arrival at your medical destination. You can consider purchasing currency before you leave and getting traveler's checks from the bank. Make sure you have a sufficient balance on your credit card.  Find out if your credit card dates are valid and request an extension if needed. Keep your sufficient funds accessible.  
  • Make sure you have all your medical prescriptions for necessary refills
It is essential to have a list of medications with generic names with you, so that the local pharmacy can refill your medical prescription. Depending on the country of your destination, you may be able to get certain drugs without a prescription. Make sure you know the generic name (scientific name) and dosage of your medications and carry your drug list with your pharmacy's telephone number written on it. Inform your physician in your home country about your treatment plans abroad. You may also need a letter from your physician to carry/take your medications through customs at your destination.     
  • Have Important Contacts with you
Always keep a list of important contacts with you. You and/or your companion may need to contact family members, insurance providers, doctors and other people. Choose your emergency contact.  
  • Be flexible and be prepared to extend your stay at your medical destination
You may need adequate time for recovery.  It is important to consider if your schedule allows for some flexibility in case you need to stay longer. Our agency - will assist you with the entire process of getting treatment aboard, until you return home and beyond. Our staff will be ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if a problem arises during your treatment. We are here to guide you through the process of Reproductive Tourism and will endeavour to make your trip as easy and pleasant as possible.

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