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I am extremely happy to inform you, even though a bit late, that I got two healthy, vital and very lively boys.
My sons are a great pleasure to me and we are all happy.
Getting pregnant in the first attempt at my age is a phenomenon and a kind of a miracle.
I am sending best regards to all of you.
TB, Slovenia

I am a new customer to, but I'm already impressed with their great professional approach and immediate replies. All my questions have been answered perfectly and I'm on my way to the next step of my program. Good job guys! Way to go! Thanks!

George, USA

I have to admit that first I was somehow doubtful...I have never been abroad and especially for any medical care, but Thank God we discovered this company. They helped to find the best affordable option for me. I contacted the provider in Ukraine, they reviewed my case, explained all steps easily, assured that the referred clinic was one of the bests in the field, sent me contracts and payment details for review and the price was so affordable that I decided it was worth travelling. I would never ever image that the process of finding the needed care could be so easy and convenient. I am pregnant, saved money and saw another world as well. I think this is just wonderful!

Special thanks to my husband Nick for finding and being my great support all these times. I can never thank you enough in my life!

Love you Nick and



Our agency is an old customer of The company has been extremely friendly, helpful and effective all these times. They know how to develop their business and have satisfied, happy customers. They have created very interactive and user-friendly website for comprehensive advertising. Thanks to, the number of our patients has increased significantly and we would also mention the reasonable price that really distinguishes this company from others in the field. We are glad to be your partner!

New Life Ukraine


I would highly recommend to everyone who is seeking the best solution for their infertility matter.  This website gave me so much freedom of choice and assurance that I was astonished to realize how many things I would lose for not contacting them.  I have found the best company in India for my infertility treatment via this website - they helped me to find the egg donor looking alike me. My baby is several months old now but everybody says already that she looks just like mommy. I am so happy that my dream came true. Thanks for giving me the chance to experience the miracle of motherhood and have my baby next to me.

With respect and gratitude

Teresa P.


My husband and I almost had given up. Several years of empty hopes, expectations and depression ended when we contacted ReproductiveTourism.Com.  Now we are pregnant and will welcome our baby soon - just in a couple of weeks. We are thinking to send his first photo to you. Without your support, we would be still living in the empty world full of routine and tension. God bless you!
M and J

We have been working with your website since its launching. We are so pleased with our cooperation. A lot of our patients have found us through your website, as your company helps us to spread the word to people who need our assistance with their reproduction. It is always blessing to have such a pleasant and professional staff as a partner. Thank you for your professionalism and attention to details. It makes our life easy and has helped us so many times.

Health Care Agency International


 We can't believe we are finally at this point.  You have made this process so incredibly easy for us. Thank you so much for all your efforts on our behalf.

I am new to the site but my friends recommended it to me long ago. They have been having problems conceiving for years, but now they have beautiful twins. I decided to refer to as well. So far so good! I am negotiating my plans with two providers at the moment and both of them seem very affordable and assuring. My friends recommended the one they have experience with but I found these two providers in India - the country I always wanted to visit. So, I am going to get a treatment and visit an interesting place at the same time. Who would imagine? 


Carlo C.  from Italy


This site is great for several reasons: it provides comprehensive overview of treatment options, accurate information, comparability of choices and assurance that your money, time and efforts are spent effectively and efficiently.

 Jonathan, UK


My husband and I have been trying to conceive a child in a natural way for about 3 years. When we discovered that our problem was due to serious medical complications we made our mind to use IVF. Then we went through the long and complicated process of searching and sorting healthcare provides that would definitely solve our problem. Finally, we came into contact with Health Care Agency International on this site and that was it! They replies quickly, provided us a draft contract and a detailed payment schedule, so that we could review every details in advance. 

We are so satisfied and happy with their service. They have a very solid practice in the field of infertility and the price is just unbelievably affordable. We have been followed up thoroughly and now I am undergoing some treatment to prepare for my first, long-awaited pregnancy. Thanks to, I found the agency that perfectly meets my needs and expectations. Great coordination and communication!



Our company has been advertising with since its founding. It is surprising and exciting to observe how fast they are developing each day, with every step. Advertising is one of the key components of our work. Listing with has been very effective and rewarding. They continuously offer effective and creative marketing solutions.  We are constantly updated on activities in the industry all around the world. Information about articles, events, conferences is constantly updated. All this information is vital for our success and leadership. We would recommend to any provider in the field of Assisted Reproduction which are interested in attracting patients from all over the world and want to have recognizable and successful company.


Wish you success!

New Life India






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