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 NOT A MEDICAL REFERRAL SERVICE We do not provide medical advice or medical referrals, or act as a medical referral service and does not approve, support, or recommend any health care providers, travel agents, medical financing options, medical procedures, medical practices or any medical related information listed on the We provide information for your judgment. It's your responsibility to decide whether or not reproductive tourism is right for you, based on your own research. We do not provide any advice on issues related to medical treatment and services, such matters are totally between you and the provider. You should always consult a qualified health care professional of your own choice for medical advice. Please consider asking your physician or other licensed health care provider to directly speak to your prospective physician abroad regarding your medical treatment overseas.
The Medical provider abroad will ask for your medical records for review. We will forward your electronic and paper medical records on your behalf to any foreign medical care providers selected by you. Please, note that we do not review your medical documents. You agree to assume all responsibility in connection with obtaining medical service abroad.  We assume no responsibility or liability for any medical treatment or other services performed by any doctor or for any malpractice claims and other claims that may arise directly or indirectly from any such advice, treatment or other services. The content of our site (texts, graphics, images, information from third parties, etc.) are for information purposes only. It should not be a substitute of medical consultation with a qualified medical professional. The information used from the website if not intended for self-diagnoses or for treating a health problem or disease. You should confirm the information contained herein with other sources including medical professionals.  

PURPOSE The site has been created for the purpose of providing information services on Reproductive Tourism on a global basis. We provide news, tools, and information for those interested in reproductive tourism and match health care providers with prospective patients through the site. We do not provide health care and any medical advice. It is your responsibility to use your research and judgment to identify qualified medical providers. We provide information about medical providers abroad and about their credentials to you for your personal use in making an informed decision about your medical treatment options abroad. We strongly advise you to discuss your medical issues with your local medical doctor before making a decision on medical treatment abroad.   
 We will assist you in obtaining medical services as provided in this Agreement, organize and book your travel and accommodation arrangements in connection with the medical procedures if requested. Please note that we will not supply or provide you with any other goods or services. We are not itself a provider of accommodation, transport, tours, events or medical services. You, as our user, must agree to hold us harmless and to indemnify us from any claim of any nature arising from your use of our tools, services or your use of any health care professional, service or facility that you learn about via our site. Our site provides information only and we do not independently investigate any claims made by any third party that advertises on our site or regarding any information for any third party that is published on or via our website. Information that you view on our site may be inaccurate, incomplete or misleading. We do not screen the content that we provide on our site. Please use common sense when viewing any claims made by any third party that may be published on our site or that you may learn indirectly via our site and verify all claims with your own independent health care provider. We are not responsible for the claims of any advertisements that appear on our site.

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We assume no responsibility nor do we grant any warranties, express or implied, relating to the operation, safety, condition or service of the medical services provider or any physician or other person associated with the medical services provider that is used by, for or on behalf of you. We are not liable for the acts, errors, omissions, representations, warranties, breaches or negligence of the medical services provider or any physician or other person associated with the medical services provider or for any personal injuries, death, property damage, or other damages or expenses resulting there from.            


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LIMITATION OF LIABILITY You agree to assume all responsibility in connection with the appropriateness of seeking professional care from any person, facility or entity that you learn about via our site. We assume no responsibility or liability for any treatment or other services rendered by any Medical Services Provider, any doctor, or for any malpractice claims and other claims that may arise directly or indirectly from any such advice, treatment or other services. We are not  responsible for any indirect, incidental, special, punitive, exemplary or consequential damages (including, but not limited to, lost profits and damages that result from inconvenience, delay, loss of use, or physical or psychological injury) related to or arising out of use of the materials and website provided by us, and the contents of the materials and website, arrangements made based on information related to or obtained from the materials and website, or products or services related to or obtained from the materials and website, even if we or they have been advised of the possibility of such damages. You agree to hold us harmless from any loss or harm of any nature due to your usage of this Site or any tool, product or service that we provide to you, whether directly or indirectly. We are not responsible for any medical care or other professional care that you receive from any person, entity or business that you learn about via our site. You are solely responsible for any loss or injury that occurs to you or any third party you share such information with should you or that third party seek the professional care offered by any person, facility or entity that you learn about via our site, whether directly or indirectly. You accept and are solely responsible for the risks and will not hold us or our affiliates in any way as you use those services solely at your own risk.            

FORCE MAJEUR  Neither party is liable for any failure or delay caused by matters such as acts of God strikes, riot, explosion, war, fire, flood, earthquake, tsunami, sabotage, terrorist attack, accident to or failure of machinery or equipment or industrial action, shortages or power or raw material breakdown or unavailability of fuel, labor, or transport facilities, accidents of navigation or breakdown or damage to vessels or other conveyances, other abnormal impediments to transportation, government orders,  or other causes beyond our reasonable control.

Protection of your personal information is one of our priorities. The information collected from you is used only to facilitate the desired medical procedure and destination. We use and disclose health information about you for treatment, payment and healthcare operations. We may use or disclose your health information to a physician or healthcare provider providing treatment to you, laboratories, radiologist, pharmacist, etc; to obtain payment for services provided by us. We may use and disclose your health information in connection with our healthcare operations (quality assessment and improvement activities, etc) We do not sell or share your information to any third party at any time without your permission. We will not sell or rent this information to anyone. Unless you give us a written authorization, we cannot use or disclose your health information for any reason except those described in this Notice. We, except as required by law will maintain the confidentiality of all user communication which contain personal user information and which are transmitted directly to us. Postings by a user on any message board or in other manner will not be protected as confidential. We reserve the right to change our privacy practices and the terms of this Notice at any time, provided such changes are permitted by applicable law. We reserve the right to make the changes in our privacy practices and the new terms on our Notice effective for all health information that we maintain, including health information we created or received before we made the changes. Before we make a significant change in our privacy practices, we will change this Notice and make the new Notice available upon request. The website Privacy Statement is applicable only when you are on the website. Once you choose to link to another website, you should read that website's privacy statement before disclosing any personal information.            

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