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Reproductive Tourism (RT)
is a form of rapidly growing industry - Medical Tourism. The term - Reproductive Tourism is used for people travelling to another country for infertility treatments.

Reasons to choose Reproductive Tourism can be various: it can become an attractive option when there are various legal restrictions for certain procedures in the patient's own county or due to a lack of resources.
 The destination area for medical travelers is very broad. You can get find clinics all over the world, including: Australia,  Europe, UK, India, United States, Thailand, Singapore, South America, Mexico, Malaysia, South Africa, Cyprus, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia and Israel.
As indicated by various research, the reason for the low costs of infertility treatments abroad is due to decreased cost of overheads and not quality of care or service.  Reproductive Tourism is becoming more and more popular all over the world. A lot of people take advantage of the remarkable opportunities offered by RT to travel for their infertility treatment abroad.  Reproductive Tourism is your unique chance to get the best quality infertility treatment at state -of- the -art hospitals all over the world.  

Why Reproductive Tourism?

We are living in an era of advanced technologies, where modern medicine gives a lot of hope to couples who want to have children. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is the most successful treatment for a lot of people experiencing infertility. Although not all who need this type of care can access it due to different cultural, political and religious factors.  There are various reasons why people who obtain care abroad can't achieve the dream of parenthood in their home country: ·      

  • Legal regulations in the home country - local laws may prohibit certain procedures associated with infertility treatment, for example laws may prohibit egg donors from being anonymous or from being paid. Available services may be denied to particular groups: single or same-sex couples, individuals over a specified age.  In addition to this, each society has its own perspective on the moral status of the embryo that is directly reflected on availability of infertility treatment options.   ·     
  • Cost -competitive prices are a very significant advantage of RT. Infertility care costs at home may be considerably higher than the combined fee of traveling and treatment abroad. It is possible to save from 40 % to 80% on the service abroad and this factor usually depends on the type of service needed and the country of destination.        
  • Economic factors - characteristics of healthcare systems and public funding has had its effect on accessibility of care needed. A lot of uninsured or under-insured people choose to receive treatment abroad. Many insurance companies have made the decision to cover medical tourism as a part of their healthcare package.   ·     
  • Long waiting lists - a lot of people have to wait for months and maybe even years before getting treatment.  Many people choose to proceed sooner rather than wait for an indefinate period.    
  •  Quality -It is worth noteing the reason for low costs of medical treatments abroad is due to reduced operating costs and not quality of care.  Destination countries for medical travelers have acknowledged the benefit of the Reproductive Tourism business on their economy and are committed to provide high quality care at lower cost, whilst offering modern facilities , the latest medical technologies and obtaining international accreditation. Doctors are usually certified by credible boards and have certificates which are recognized worldwide. Many are trained or have studied Internationally. Medical services are usually extremely advanced and refined in Medical Tourism destinations. There are significant numbers of clinics overseas that are recognized by the Joint Commission International (JCI).
  • Adventure/Holiday- Many patients and family members, accompanying them choose to take advantage of a relaxing vacation environment in comfortable and exotic surroundings. This can also help to relieve stress associated with the process. For some patients this benefit of RT can be a major attraction.
  •  Receiving treatment anonymously - Receiving infertility treatment in privacy and with comfort is one of the advantages of RT. Patients are able to be treated without having to inform work, family or friends and can make their own decision as to informing of their assisted conception.
 In general, people who choose to get their treatment abroad usually benefit from facilities and physicians that meet international standards, high quality care, faster medical services with lower costs and state-of-the-art medical technologies. Some clinics offer packages including airport pickups, hotels and interpreters. Even with the additional cost of travel and lodging, treatment costs abroad can be significantly lower than in a patient's own country.    

Risks : As with any medical procedure in the world, there are always some risks involved in RT.  The risk can be associated with the stress that travelling puts on the body,  increased risk of multiple pregnancy due to the lack of restrictions on embryos implanted in the uterus in some countries, limited information about the donors or surrogates,  lack of regulation affording protection for the parties affected directly, quality of information on which decisions are made.
  Some people may avoid Reproductive Tourism because of inadequate or incorrect information about it. An informed decision is the best decision .  In order to have a positive experience with Reproductive Tourism, it is essential to:
  • Review doctors and clinics/hospitals credentials.
  • Check for previous patient references. Contact referrees if possible.
  • Learn about the success rates of the service provider ·
Research and learn as much as possible about the facility you are going to visit . Reproductive Tourism is a safe, affordable and rewarding alternative when the necessary research with respect to the quality and safety of care and precautions are taken prior the journey. Safety is our main priority. There are specific issues that we consider when we add new health care providers to our network of partners :

  • Accreditation 
  • Proved quality of services ·
  • Experienced medical staff, trained in advanced countries ·    
  • Excellent level of care and an appropriate  infrastructure ·     
  • Availability of interpreters               


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