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New Life Thailand

New Life Thailand is the newest addition to our International group who specialise in providing Surrogacy and Egg Donors for Intended Parents world-wide. Our Bangkok IVF clinic partner is Internationally accredited with high success rates and perform all our cycles. We look forward to helping you achieve your dream of Parenthood in beautiful Thailand.

Languages spoken: English, Thai, Hindi, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Georgian
Thailand, 15th Floor, Sathorn Thani 1, 90/40-41 North Sathorn Road, Silom,Bangkok (+66-02) 610 3152



Qualifications and staff

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At New Life Thailand, our ethic is to provide the highest degree of care to our recipients, surrogates and egg donors equally.

Each of our International locations work with highly qualified reproductive clinics and fertility specialists to ensure our standards and success rates are consistently amongst the worlds best.

New Life Thailand offers Egg Donors and Surrogates who meet our stringent criteria and have been medically and psychologically screened. All our surrogates have previously had healthy pregnancies, have had at least one child of their own and both our Surrogates and Donors fall within strict age parameters.

Our Bangkok IVF clinic partner is Internationally accredited with high success rates and perform all our cycles, plus additionally monitor our surrogates closely throughout their pregnancies.

Each step of your process with us from the preparation period, to pregnancy and birth in the case of surrogacy, is supervised by your personal Patient Coordinator who is available to answer your questions at all times.

We offer an on-line database of egg donors to choose from, with photos and family history details. Some of our donors are available for cycles abroad and whenever possible, we endeavour to meet the requests of Intended Parents and Fertility Specialists to send donors to their location.

In Thailand, we provide both Thai and Caucasian egg donors to meet the needs of our Intended Parents.

You are welcome to contact us at any time, by email, the contact form on our website, phone or through skype.

Our parent and clinic testimonials are immediately available upon request and additionally some of our previous parents are happy to communicate with you directly.
We pride ourselves on our rapidly growing family of babies born world-wide and look forward to helping you achieve your dream of Parenthood in beautiful Thailand.

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  • Egg Donor IVF
  • Surrogacy with an Egg Donor
  • Gender Selection
  • PGD

Our large database of Caucasian and Asian donors and our generous surrogates enable us and our qualified IVF team to achieve the best results possible.

Surrogacy Law in Thailand 

Surrogacy is widely practiced and tolerated by the local government. Currently, there are no laws governing surrogacy arrangements in Thailand, either in terms of prohibiting the practice or allowing it. Although, the Cabinet has approved draft legislation for children born through the use of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), including surrogacy. Therefore, at the moment the laws of surrogacy in Thailand are a Bill of the Law of Surrogacy which had emerged in the year 2007 that has to be resubmitted for further debates and possible approval of the Parliament and His Majesty the King. The primary intention of the bill is to provide protection to children born using Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), as well as their surrogate mothers.

At the moment, there are two types of surrogacy permitted in Thailand:

1. One that uses the egg and sperm of a married couple;
2. One that uses the egg or the sperm of either a husband or wife, paired with the sperm or egg of another person.

Under Thai law to date, the birth mother is recognized as the mother of that child as defined in the civil and commercial code having parental power. Since surrogates are usually married, a child born as a result of surrogacy will be registered as the child of the surrogate mother and her husband. Hence, under current Thai law, the commissioning parents have no automatic legal rights. It is crucial therefore that both the birth mother and her husband actively renounce their rights to the child. In order to obtain parental rights, the commissioning parents will need to go through an adoption process in court.

Surrogacy Program with Unmarried Surrogate:

When a woman (surrogate) gives birth, the child is recognized as her (surrogate's) child. The biological mother (egg owner) has to adopt the child and submit her request to the court for adoption. As to the father (sperm donor), he is not the legitimate father by law until:

1. He marries the woman who gives birth to the child
2. A registration is made on application by the father
3. A judgment of the Court is given to state that the donor is the father.

However, the father (sperm donor) can register his name in the Birth Certificate at the District office. Although, this registration does not indicate that father (sperm donor) will be the legitimate father of the child by law. Despite the fact that child can obtain the father's last name , he/she does not have rights to claim paternity rights from the father (eg. monetary fund).
Before using the sperm with surrogate mother, there must be a contract in place in order to state that the sperm donor (the father) should be named as father in the birth certificate and that she (surrogate) gives consent to the mother that she will give the baby up for adoption. The contract must be meticulous and thorough and very exemplary and must comply with Thai Law. The father also will need to consent for adoption procedures. The Court proceedings will be between the egg donor mother and the surrogate.

Steps after the birth of a baby

Request for Legitimate Father
After the baby has been born, the father has to request from the court to become the legitimate father of the child. The surrogate mother has to consent for this request. The court order would take approximately 3-6 months.

Request for Child Adoption with the Court
After the baby is born, the mother (egg donor) can then adopt the child as the father would have his name on the birth certificate. She has to request for child adoption from the court. Consent from father and surrogate mother is required for such adoption order. The Court order would take approximately 3 -6 months.

Registering Child Adoption with the Child Adoption Center
Once the Court order is received from the Court, the next step is to file this order with the child adoption centre in order for release of the child to the Egg and Sperm donor. They will consider and approve this application and will monitor the parents. Timeline for Registering child adoption with the child adoption center varies as follows: A) If the child is to remain in Thailand, the process would take approximately 6 months. B) If the child is to go overseas, the process will take at least 18 months, depending on documents required by the country of destination. Once the steps mentioned above are completed, the child will then be released unmonitored to the parents.

Our Services

We have database of egg donors and surrogate mothers, all satisfying the requirements of physical and mental health, with at least one healthy child born. As New Life Thailand is part of New Life Network of clinics, you have the opportunity to select Caucasian egg donors to travel to Thailand for your program.

Prospective parents are well advised to seek legal advice from an experienced lawyer before entering into any surrogacy arrangements, to ensure that their rights and those of the child are adequately protected; this should include finding out about the process by which the child can be properly and legally recognized as the offspring of the commissioning parents. The surrogacy arrangements are usually set out in a contract between the surrogate mother and the commissioning parents in advance. Anyone considering entering into a surrogacy arrangement in Thailand should ensure they are aware of the legal status of surrogacy in the country as well as in their home country.


 Mariam Kukunashvili, Director of the New Life Group.

Mariam Kukunashvili, is a member of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, Doctor, PHT in Healthcare Management and policy with extensive experience in Reproductive Technology.

Her personal journey with infertility led her to open our first center in Georgia, and from there, to open further locations to meet the demand from Intended Parents world-wide. Mariam and her husband are now the proud parents of twin boys and a daughter, born with the help of Surrogacy after 10 years of unsuccessful IVF treatments.

Each member of our staff understands the difficulties and disappointments our parents have faced and endeavour to ensure your requests are met with sensitivity, respect for your privacy and clear communication.

 Premchit Karla, Director of New Life Thailand  

Premchit is the Manager of New Life Thailand, a newly established affiliate of New Life Global Network. She has a wealth of experience in the field of Executive Administration with the world's most prestigious MNCs. A scholarship student in the U.K. and holder of an MBA from the Southern Cross University of Australia, she is an absolutely dedicated individual who will see your program through to completion.

She has direct experience in helping her loved ones overcome the challenges of infertility and thus becoming parents through the marvelous phenomena. She has a close working relationship with the Doctors and our Partners and will gladly assist you personally in introducing available programs and all aspects of the legal contracts.


Maka Labaury, Head of New Life Branches

Having worked in a supervisory capacity for many years with credible organizations, Maka brings significant level of expertise, knowledge and personal commitment to the New Life Group. Born in the Republic of Georgia, Maka has lived and worked for many years in Italy, Spain and the United States.

Currently, Maka ensures overall management of all branch clinics of New Life Global Network in India, Ukraine, Thailand, Israel and Georgia. In above to this responsibility, Maka oversees Thailand's program's direction and is your first point of contact to discuss all and any aspect of our programs.


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The city demands that you be in the present and in the moment, not necessarily for a religious epiphany, but because the city is self-absorbed and superficial, blissfully free of wrinkle-inducing self-reflection. Smiles and sà·nùk (the Thai word for ‘fun’) are the key passports into Bangkok society. A compliment here, a joke there – the demands of social lubrication in this megalopolis are more akin to a small village than an anonymous city and a necessity for survival.

Of the famous and infamous attractions, Bangkok’s best feature is its intermingling of opposites. A modern world of affluence orbits around a serene traditional core. Step outside the four-star hotels into a typical Siamese village where taxi drivers knock back energy drinks and upcountry transplants grill chicken on a streetside barbecue. Hop the Skytrain to the glitzy shopping malls where trust-fund babies examine luxury brands as carefully as the housewives inspect produce at the open-air markets. Or appreciate the attempts at enlightenment at the city’s famous temples and doorstep shrines, or simple acts of kindness amid the urban bustle.

You can jump between all of these worlds – wining and hobnobbing at a chic club, eating at a streetside market, getting plucked and pummelled into something more beautiful, or sweating profusely on a long unplanned march. Bangkok is an urban connoisseur’s dream come true.


Most travellers rely on credit or debit cards to access cash in Bangkok, ATMs are everywhere. The basic unit of Thai currency is the baht.

Banks or legal moneychangers offer the optimum foreign-exchange rates. When buying baht, US dollars and euros are the most readily accepted currencies and travellers cheques receive better rates than cash. British pounds and Australian dollars are also widely accepted.


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