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Caucasian Egg Donor Agency

New Life Egg Donors Agency is one of the leading egg donor agencies in the world. Our outstanding database of Caucasian and Asian donors and qualified services is highly recommended by top fertility physicians.
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All Countries, Donor Ethnicity: Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Thailand, India



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New Life Egg Donation Agency
provides the best conditions for both egg donors and intended parents.

Our goal is to provide the highest degree of care to recipients and egg donors equally. Our Agency is owned by famous and successful fertility specialists with years of experience in the fertility field. Our dedicated staff is proud to be part of this amazing process, and we strive to uphold the highest level of professionalism every step of the way.

We offer one of the largest and most comprehensive egg donor databases where each donor is carefully screened and personally interviewed.

All of our donors are contacted regularly to ensure their availability and information is up to date. We strive to maintain a diverse egg donor pool including Ukrainian, Asian, Georgian and Indian Egg donors.

We have program coordinators in each region, who are familiar with local egg donors, clinics and other recourses you will need during this wonderful process.

It is worth to mention that during last several years our Donors are flying abroad to different destination according to patients and their world famous physicians request. New Life already proved itself as a most trustworthy and reliable agency in the world!

You are welcome to contact us any time in a way that is most suitable for you: email, contact form on our website, by phone or in skype. We understand how important it is for you to receive full and timely answers to your questions, so we are always there to help you in all your requests.

 There are many reasons that couples seek donated eggs to become pregnant. Ovarian failure, genetic disorders, or declining egg reserve due to age are all problems that are more common than many people realize. Healthcare Agency Intrnational combines state-of-the-art fertility technology combined with compassionate and friendly care to help its patients achieve their dream of having a healthy baby of their own.

Our egg donor and IVF program, directed by Dr Mariam Kukunashvili, begins with a thorough diagnostic and evaluation process that may use procedures such as semen analysis, pelvic ultrasound, and uterine assessment via hysterosalpingogram or hysteroscopy. These tests are designed to identify and potentially correct infertility factors in an effort to create an ideal in utero environment for the donated eggs.

Once all preparatory infertility evaluations are complete, the next step is for the recipient couple to choose an egg donor.

We  pride ourselves on the diverse group of accomplished young women who have chosen to be affiliated with our egg donation program. Each of them receives a comprehensive psychological screening and a full battery of laboratory tests to ensure that they are in good emotional and physical health.

Since choosing which donated eggs to use is possibly the most important part of assisted reproduction, many couples wish to receive as much information as possible about their prospective egg donor. Preliminary information on each donor is available in the egg donation database. Once couples have narrowed down their selection to a few possible donors, our case managers can provide more detailed profiles .. In addition, the center asks prospective donors to complete a personal questionnaire which gives the recipient insight into the donor's personality and lifestyle.

We know that the decision to undergo fertility therapy can be a very trying and emotional time. To help you and your partner understand the basics of fertility via donated eggs, we've compiled a broad range of information to answer your initial questions.

Our Caucasian Egg donors are traveling to Different Countries according to Intended parents request. Please contact us and request more information regarding Caucasian Egg donor travel program. 

The Egg donation and Recipient Process

Evaluation of the Recipient

To determine whether you are a good candidate to receive donor eggs, you will need to meet with one of our physicians. This visit is typically done in person but for our international patients or those who live a significant distance from the center, it may be done by phone. A thorough infertility and medical history will be completed.

A complete physical exam will be performed. The examination of your uterus will begin with a detailed pelvic ultrasound and may require a hysterosalpingogram (x-ray of the uterus), or hysteroscopy (viewing of the uterus with a tiny camera). You will be tested for infectious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B and C, and syphilis. Recent Pap smear results should also be available for review by your doctor. Additional tests and screening may be required, depending on your age, ethnicity, and medical history.

Donor Selection and Screening

Prospective recipients of donor eggs may choose a known donor, from our egg donor database.

Synchronizing the Donor and Recipient

In preparation to receive donor eggs, hormones are given to both the donor and the recipient to synchronize the ovarian stimulation of the donor and uterine receptivity of the infertile woman. To synchronize your menstrual cycle with that of the donor, typically a hormone known as a gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist, or GnRH agonist will be administered to suppress your normal ovulatory timing.

Donor Stimulation and Recipient Hormone Replacement

Once the donor and recipient are synchronized, further medication is needed to continue the egg donation process. First, the recipient is placed on an estrogen replacement program to prepare her uterus to receive a fertilized embryo. Estrogen is introduced to the body via either an oral route or transdermally (skin patch).

Shortly after the recipient hormone therapy begins, the egg donor starts preparation for egg donation. She is given daily injections of follicle stimulating hormones (FSH) to stimulate her ovaries. These hormones will cause the ovaries to produce a greater number of mature eggs than would naturally occur.

Retrieving Donor Eggs

After the donor has been placed under sedation, one of our physicians will remove the donor eggs using a thin needle inserted through the vagina and guided by ultrasound. The donor receives anesthesia via intravenous sedation to minimize any discomfort. This is administered by a physician who specializes in anesthesia. 

Fertilization of the Eggs, Embryo Culture and Embryo Transfer

On the same day that the donor eggs are harvested from the donor, the recipient's partner will provide a semen sample that is processed and used to fertilize the donor eggs. Once an egg has been fertilized with sperm, it becomes an embryo that is cared for in the laboratory for three or five days before it is transferred to the recipient.

Becoming an Egg Donor

Egg donors are women between the ages of 21 and 35 years of age who have been screened to insure good general and reproductive health and psychological stability. Egg donation treatment is always combined with in vitro fertilization (IVF), the process of placing eggs and sperm together in the laboratory to stimulate fertilization and embryo development.

At Georgia Reproductive Specialists, the IVF and egg donation treatments are performed by a reproductive endocrinologist and take place at the practice's on-site surgical centre in the main office.

Normally, a woman produces one mature egg each month and loses several immature eggs; through the use of medications, several follicles, or egg sacs, can be induced to develop mature eggs for retrieval. The process of IVF and egg donation requires that the donor take a series of injectable medications which induce the growth of multiple ovarian follicles.

Screening for Egg Donor Candidates

 Basic program qualifications typically include the following:

  • women between the ages of 21-35
  • height and weight within normal range
  • no smoking or drug use
  • previous delivery preferred
Preliminary screening steps include filling out a detailed medical history form, which covers information about her general health, surgeries, gynaecological history and family medical history. Potential donors are also required to have an initial interview with the coordinator and a comprehensive gynecological exam with a Georgia Reproductive Specialists' physician. Psychological and genetic pre-screening is also provided, consisting of an interview and testing.

New life is a rapidly growing network that you can trust to receive qualified support for your request, careful and attentive feedback and complete professionalism from the very first steps of your individual program.

Contact us:
The Director of our Egg donation program, Mariam Kukunashvili is a member of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, Doctor, PHT in Healthcare Management and policy with a many years of experience in a fertility treatment and in other fields of Healthcare.
Mariam understands well the heartache and disappointment Intended Parents experience in their infertility journey. After 11 unsuccessful IVF attempts, suffering endometriosis and 4 surgeries, then one successful but ectopic pregnancy, she turned to surrogacy.With the help of 2 wonderful surrogates, they now have a daughter and twin boys, born in 2011.



Maka Labouri oversees the program's direction, partnerships and overall service quality. Born in the Republic of Georgia, Maka lived and worked for many years in Italy, Spain and in the United States. Wanting to help families who are unable to have a baby Maka researched a variety of options for helping childless people grow their families. She is most aware of all egg donation programs that are carried in Georgia as well as in other Countries.


Sophie manages and coordinates all patient enquires of New Life and being in touch with donors and surrogates as well as the medical personal is in charge of every patient related details. Sophie has studied in the UK and holds a master¹s degree in international business. She is customer service orientated and always makes sure clients are well assisted, well informed and well treated. Working in London's prestigious companies as sales and marketing coordinator gives her the experience to guide the customers step by step until they get very best of the service company provides.


Our donors are able to travel to multiple destinations abroad. Please let us know your clinic's location, the name of your clinic and the time frame you wish to proceed in and we will provide full cost details.

Aditionally our donors regularly travel to our sister clinics in India and Thailand and referrals/testimonials from successful parents who have used our services are available upon request.
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