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Sunshine Egg Donors

We pride ourselves in our ethical and professional approach to egg donation whilst still maintaining a compassionate and personal touch. By working with recognised SASREG accredited fertility clinics in South Africa, our recipients and donors are assured of excellent and safe medical care from private clinics that deliver good success rates.

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New Life Thailand
New Life Thailand is the newest addition to our International group who specialise in providing Surrogacy and Egg Donors for Intended Parents world-wide. Our Bangkok IVF clinic partner is Internationally accredited with high success rates and perform all our cycles. We look forward to helping you achieve your dream of Parenthood in beautiful Thailand.

Languages spoken: English, Thai, Hindi, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Georgian
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Caucasian Egg Donor Agency
New Life Egg Donors Agency is one of the leading egg donor agencies in the world. Our outstanding database of Caucasian and Asian donors and qualified services is highly recommended by top fertility physicians.
Click here and request your donor to fly to any Destination were your fertility clinic is!
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New Life Israel
New Life Israel is honored to be a part of your very special journey to fulfill your dream of becoming a parent. We are proud to belong to New Life Global Network that unites the leading centers from Georgia, Ukraine, India and Thailand.
Languages spoken: Hebrew, English, Russian, French
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Cape Town IVF
We are the only laboratory in South Africa which has a separate fully equipped facility for HIV patients as is recommended. Our lab has all the equipment to do modern fertility treatments, like IVF/ICSI,PGD etc and we have an Egg Donor program available.

Languages: German, French, English, Flemish.
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Embryo Adoption Program
Our embryo adoption program based in the UK, works with several reputed donor agencies around the world. Our altruistic donors have donated their embryos and sperm which are currently available to patients in select countries.
We can arrange for your chosen donated embryos/sperm to be shipped directly to your clinic.
Our donated embryos/sperm are available at no charge, except for shipping and storage costs. We are a global non-profit making agent.
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